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Management Development Programs

An array of programs aimed at unleashing the potential of effective management techniques.

Departmental Training Programs
Step by step S.O.P. based training supplemented with practical on the job evaluations

Sales Training Programs
Our up selling, cross selling sales training for sales as well as operational staff

Train The Trainer
A program designed to initiate the
in-house learning process.

Evaluations & Mystery Audits
A uniquely professional constructive criticism for overall development of services


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Hospitality Industry Services

Staff Training

Professional Metamorphosis gives you the edge when it comes to hospitality industry related training. With our strong base in the hospitality industry itself, we can offer a vast array of staff training programs, in a combination of both technical as well as non technical modules.We have the expertise and nearly two decades of experience helping teams in the hospitality industry -- from upper management to line staff -- to understand and deliver guest service excellence. There is a rapidly growing need for multi skilled professionals throughout the nation and apart from inducting fresh manpower, organizations are also opting for large-scale training of their existing personnel to enable them to be effective and productive in fast changing and multi skill environments.

Your entire organization needs to embrace a culture of customer service excellence. Everyone in your organization needs to be empowered to provide that service, to make delivering exceptional customer service not only possible, but second nature. The specific integration of soft skills with the appropriate technical skills gives our clients a uniquely productive and optimal learning curve which is measurable in real terms.

Professional Metamorphosis can also offer it's services in varied modules of staff training like

Front office staff training
Telephone etiquette training for staff
Concierge staff training
Valet and chauffeur training
Housekeeping staff training
F&B staff training
Butler training
Complaint handling
Maintenance staff - soft skill training
Workplace behavior training
Staff attitude development training
Safety at workplace training
Fire safety and emergency training
F.S.T. (Facilities Services Training),
R.S.T.(Restaurant Specific Training)

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